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42 West Bridge St., Berea, Ohio

(440) 234-5106

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"Love Parkway Barber and Charlotte! She is the most caring lady!" - Johanna Hamrick (facebook review 12/6/17)

"You can never go wrong getting a fresh cut at Parkway Barber!!!The staff is friendly and they rock!!!"
- Dan Bill Ullrich (facebook review 10/12/17)

"Michelle gave me a great hair cut and was very friendly. Always leave there very happy with the service and the product! Thank you!"
- Sean Edwards (facebook review 9/30/17)

"If you're looking for an old school babe shop, look no further. My son and I come here twice a month. They are great!"
- Anthony Diaz (facebook review 6/23/17)


"Char was very nice and accommodating. Waiting area was great for my son and the treats are always a nice surprise." - A. Calabrese (Customer Review 6/5/2017)


This was my first visit and I was very satisfied with my haircut. The staff was nice and the barber took the time to make sure everything was just right. I look forward to going back again. - P. Olszewski (Customer Review 5/8/2017)


"This is one of Berea's best kept secrets! The shop is neat, bright, and cheerful. Their service is excellent and very affordable. Something I really appreciate is they aren't constantly trying to push hair products on you.
Char always takes care of me and does a great job on my hair Today, after she finished cutting my hair but hadn't started drying it, I told her about a product I'd been using but didn't really like because it was so heavily fragranced. I asked her if she had something that would do what I needed it to do without all that perfumy smell. She not only suggested a product but then used it on my hair so I could judge for myself. I really appreciate that kind of service especially as someone on a fixed income.
Thank you Char for always doing such a nice job with my hair, and thank you to all the folks in the shop for making it such a pleasant and professional local business to patronize."
 - Beth C. of Berea Ohio (Facebook Review April 2017)


"Love this place! Worth the wait. My boys won't go anywhere else."

- Sharene K. (Facebook Review March 2017)



"The best Barber shop in town. Great Barbers, Great atmosphere."

-Jeff Smith (Facebook review February 2017)


"Have been going here for years and this place is a great hometown place to go. The barbers here are friendly and pleasant. The shop is clean and nicely appointed and also have a flat screen TV to watch while waiting. Char is the owner as well as a barber too. This shop can handle both male and female customers. Come check out this place, you won't regret discovering a new place to go!"

-Bill E. of Brook Park (Facebook Review February 2017)


"I've never had better service in any shop of any kind like I did there, as good as it gets... Char has made it a home away from home, and I love it."
- Robert S. (Customer Review, December 2016)


"These guys are great! Wonderful with kids and also the only folks that my wife lets touch her hair."

-Darrell M. (Facebook Review, November 2016)

"Heather always does a great job with my four year olds hair, and she's very patient with him."

- Jillian S. (Facebook Review, October 2016)

"Such an awesome place. They talk to you about things going on in the area. They do an awesome job no matter who you see. Keep up the great work!!!!!"

- Steven M. (Facebook Post May, 2016)

"Have always gotten a great hair cut here! All the barbers seem very nice!"

-Mark Z. (Facebook Review, March 2016)

"Heather Rocks !!! I won't let anyone else touch my hair. Awesome barbershop."

-Steve B. (Facebook Review, March 2016)

"I have 8 year old triplets... My boys have been going here to get their hair cut since they were 3... Love the boys cuts, there's always snacks for the kids... And they always give something cool at the end. My daughter has gotten her hair cut here too, and when she does... It's sweet... Sticker earrings... Jewelry... Even when she doesn't get a cut, and comes with the boys... She always gets the same ROYAL treatment.. Highly recommend this place!

-Carol P. (Yelp Review 12/29/15)


"one of the shops that make Berea, an excellent place to do business"

-Rex M. (facebook Review, November 2015)


"Absolutely amazing service! Charlotte went out of her way to make sure my toddler son had a great hair cut and was so patient and sweet! I definitely recommend this shop!"

-Melissa S. (on facebook)





January 2014

"This place is the best, me and my two young sons come to Parkway. Each time I tell them its time for hair cuts, they get excited. At times they are upset if I get a hair cut and they do not." -from website survey



September 2013
For years I've bounced around to those "$10 haircut" shops and got the same old boring haircut. My friend Doug sent me there Friday. He's been a long time client of Parkway Barber, and for about the same price I FINALLY got to see my hairs potential, I work with customers everyday and was embarrassed with my hair. Yes I have to admit I'm a "ginger", very very Red Hair. So I thought there was nothing fun I could do. I met Charlotte and I let her just use get judgment. It was amazing!!!! I feel great and no longer embarrassed. Thank you so much Parkway!!! - Jake F.



September 2013
I have been with Char (Owner Parkway Barber) going on my 13th year. I was 24 when I started getting my haircut there. At first her nephew Bart cut my hair. We always experimented with new styles young people were coming up with, as well as color. Bart opened his own shop out west. Char took over. I eventually had a high profile job working for Congressman Kucinich, that demanded I looked my best. My hair tends to be a bit of a challenge due to colic. Char had no problem resolving it. In 13 years Parkway are the ONLY barbers who cut my hair, with 2 exceptions. While working in DC, and then a month in Wheeling WV. It was do terrible, I drove 2 hours back home to correct the hideous mess they created. It was short so I thought it would have to be shaved near bald to fix. Char had me come in during her day off, AND when they were closed that day. 8pm as I recall. She fixed it. Another time in DC I was surprised with a on camera guest spot at the Capital as I worked for Congressman Kucinich. Rather than risking spending $75 dollars, the weekend prior I took a 45 min flight home, got my hair cut, and immediately flew back to DC. Lastly, the back of my neck would at times break out due to sweat. Char suggested the tea tre shampoo she carries, and it hasn't returned, it's also a great face scrub. Now, Char orders it for me by the GALLON and it lasts all year. Ask to try it, if you like it you too can buy it by the gallon for LESS than what you'd spend on products containing chemicals that can actually damage your hair. The cost of your name brand you spend every few months total is more expensive than a gallon on the Tea Tree shampoo. As you can tell I'm a huge fan. Nobody touches my hair but Parkway Barber. If you go home and the next day and you find a problem, you can go back to have it corrected at NO COST! Thanks for the last 13, and to my next 13! Char, Dave, nephew Dave, Tim and Heather will make you look good, and feel good! Stop in today and you'll never go to another shop! I promise!
- Doug L.



August 2013
Been a customer (on & off) for 5 years now. My regular barber was not in but I would like to thank the young lady who did the job this afternoon. I recommend this place highly. - Paul L


July, 2013
Not sure if it was the 20th, but it was in the month of July and I always get the same barber, (Dave, the older one). He is just always so cheerful and makes my wife, kids and I feel like family when we come. He is always sure to greet us when we come and go with a huge smile. The other barbers are very friendly as well and if Dave was not there, I wouldn't hesitate to get my hair cut by any of them. All the best to Parkway Barber Shop. - George P.



Jan 25, 2013

I love my hair cut! I even got a braiding lesson and a sucker! Charlotte was great and I got a very good hair wash as well :D -Sierra



Have you been to Parkway Barber recently?

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Nov 19, 2012

I have been coming to Parkway for 8 years. There are closer shops to my home in Strongville but I wouldn't go any place else. Tim is the best. He will give you the best haircut you will ever have.



Nov 1, 2012

I have been going to Parkway Barber for 15 years and will not go any place else. The staff is awesome! Dave cuts my hair and is always good for a great cut and an old joke. -Jeff F.



Oct 27, 2012
Great experience. I believe Dave or Dan cut my hair. Great job. Will recommend to everyone. -Rob F.



May 26, 2012

Charlotte did a great job... I'll definitely be back again! - Ken



Mar 15, 2012

Got a great cut late in the day when a regular place may have turned me away. They were sweeping up when I walked in and even had a memorial service to attend, but I got top notch service and courtesy. Happened across the place when I won a free cut in a contest and have not went anywhere else since! - Ryan



May 2, 2012

Been going there for the past 11 years and have never been disappointed. -Ty



May 1, 2012

This was my son's first real haircut, and he looked so cute up in that barber chair, I wish I'd brought my camera. When I mentioned that, the hairdresser immediately offered to take a picture with her phone and email it to me! She did a very nice job on my son's hair and we enjoyed our visit. -Rebekah



Jan 19, 2011

During the holidays I was visiting in No. Ohio from So. Ca. and needing a haircut Parkway Barber shop was recommended. I was very impressed with their friendly staff, the quality of haircut, and the shop in general and would recommend them to all in the area.



Jan 6, 2011

Have never been disappointed with the service at Parkway Barber. In fact, on one occasion, I was nearly back home when I decided to go back and tell them that I really wasn't happy with the cut. I told them I wasn't asking for a refund, that NEXT time, I'd like a little more taken off. They were so accommodating, that they put me right back in the chair that very moment and redid my cut to my liking. You don't see that kind of service these days. It's a great place to go for haircuts, and very comfortable and friendly conversations with the staff. I love the place!



Oct 1, 2011

If you want an exceptional cut, color, and style, ask for Charlotte. I always get compliments on my hair after leaving the shop. - Faye (on Foursquare)



Nov 4, 2011

Great place to go. Relaxed atmosphere with friendly & knowledgeable staff. Walk-ins very welcome. Nice large TV screen to watch if you have to wait! - Dawn (on Foursquare)




Dec 31, 2010

  "I've been going Parkway Barber exclusively for about ten years now, always friendly, always good service, sometimes packed, but never to busy for one more.
Great insight, local color, corny jokes, etc from Charlotte, Heather, Tim and Dave"



Aug. 10, 2010

  "I have been going to Parkway Barber in Berea Ohio for 6 years and have never been disappointed. The staff are quite friendly and the facilities have been recently updated. Female haircuts are $13. The resident lady stylist, Char, is awesome!! She cuts hair carefully (no surprise hacking) and has always been able to replicate any modern hair style that I've asked for. The only downside - be prepared to wait at least an hour for your haircut, especially on a Saturday. They take walk-ins, but no appointments."



Aug. 7, 2010

  "Ok, I know, I'm a girl, but I love my barber!

Charlotte is the best barber I've ever encountered.  When I can't get in to my usual Salon or I'm in the need for a quick haircut, I always go to Charlotte.  She takes her time; she listens to what you want, and she gives a good cut.  Amazingly, I've gotten more compliments from my $13 cut from Charlotte than my $50 do from some fancy-pants salon.

I suggest allowing a bit of time because there is always a wait, which if you ask me is a very good sign.  So sign in, sit back, watch some news or read a magazine & get barbered up right!"



Aug 18, 2010

  "When I got may apt on Baldwin Wallace campus in Berea I needed a place to get my hair cut and found Parkway Barber next to Giant Eagle. I decided to give it a go and now I am hooked! I love the little waiting room, magazines, and big screen. It is a pretty good barber shop but the best is the hot lather straight edge razor shave. It is worth it every time! 13 for a cut but with a tip, 15 bucks a cut. Not too bad..."



Nov. 4, 2009

  "I am 15 years old but i been going to Parkway Barber in Berea for 11 years now and it the best. All the workers there love me, they treat me like family and i do the same. They are nice all the time, always clean, always have food/drinks and toys, plus price are cheap."


Have you been to Parkway Barber recently?

If so, please leave us a Testimonial





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